Starring: Nyan Cat! Donut Pusheen! Smurf Nyan Cat! Tac Nayn! And Toaster Puppy!

(The group is in Nyan's apartment, after explaining everything to Ms. Nyan Cat)

Ms. Nyan: So he is trying to kill you?

Nyan Cat: Yes.

Ms. Nyan: And you don't know why?

Nyan Cat: Pretty much.

Ms. Nyan: Seems odd.

Nyan Cat: It is.

American Cat: Ok we need to get good info.

Pusheen: Yeah we have absolutley nothing!

Smurf Cat: Well maybe we should ask around more.

Nyan Cat: I already did....alot!

(Suddenly they hear German Nyan Cat soldiers yelling at civillians.)

Toaster Puppy: What the-?

(Suddenly the door is broken down by a German soldier)

Soldier 1: Found 'em!

American Cat: Finally some action!

(American Cat lunges at the soldier and snaps his neck as several other soldiers fire at him)

Toaster Puppy: Get down!

(Ms. Nyan Cat, Donut Pusheen and Toaster Puppy hide behind the couch)

Ms. Nyan: Ahhh!

(Nyan Cat and Smurf Cat lunge at a soldier)

Soldier 2: Die!

(Nyan Cat grabs the soldiers gun and shoots the soldier in the head with it)

Nyan Cat: You first.

Soldier 3: Oh god!

(Smurf Cat grabs the 3rd soldier and throws him into the wall, knocking him out)

(5 more soldiers run in and grab Toaster Puppy and Ms. Nyan Cat)

Ms. Nyan: Ahhh help!

(The soldiers make it to the door as Melon Bird jumps in and snaps the soldier that's holding Ms. Nyan's neck)

Melon Bird: Run!

(Ms. Nyan Cat runs to safety as the remaining soldiers drag Toaster Puppy away)

Smurf Cat: After them!

(They run out to see that the walls are covered with mild explosives)

Nyan Cat: Shi-

(They blow up, knocking the group back)

Pusheen: Ahhh!

(Nyan Cat looks over at Melon Bird)

Nyan Cat: Who are you?

Melon Bird: A friend.

The End.

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