• KonsoleKid

    A New Nyan City

    August 16, 2012 by KonsoleKid

    How Nyan Cat/Dengan Found his home

    After confronting Tac Nayn is 20XX, Nyan Cat, or his real name, Dengan, looked for a home and found a city on an island of Nyan-imals. He tripped over a sack, and picked it up. He looked inside and found golden coins with cat faces on them. "Hello?" Dengan called. "Anyone dropped a little sack?" No one responded. "Oh, well. this bag of currency is mine." He saw a poster for a realestate agent. He called, but most houses did not suit his needs.

    "There are no good houses anywhere!" Dengan yelled."Maybe, tha answer is nearer than you think." a western accented voice with changing pitches said. "Wait, I know that voice! YOUR..." Dengan said, turned around and saw an overweight cat in a doughnut. "BUTCH "TUBBY" …

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  • KonsoleKid

    Hey guys. I've decided to make a story of how Nyan Cat was born.

    In the begining...

    Nyan Cat didn't wear a Pop Tart.

    He couldn't make rainbows.

    And he couldn't fly.

    Nyan Cat was born in a small farm somewere in Kansas. His mother gave birth to six kittens. The runt of the litter was a small gray cat with three dark gray stripes on his back and unique pink cheeks, which would soon become the rainbow hero we know today. This runt grew slowly and stayed a kid when his brothers and sisters grew up to leave and live in their own farm. One day, the farmer grabbed the kitten and sold him to a Pet Shop somewhere in Brazil. After three months the runt did not get sold. The Pet Shop decided to ship him and some other animals to a Pet Shop somewhere in Eu…

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