How Nyan Cat/Dengan Found his home

Part 1 A New Home

After confronting Tac Nayn is 20XX, Nyan Cat, or his real name, Dengan, looked for a home and found a city on an island of Nyan-imals. He tripped over a sack, and picked it up. He looked inside and found golden coins with cat faces on them. "Hello?" Dengan called. "Anyone dropped a little sack?" No one responded. "Oh, well. this bag of currency is mine." He saw a poster for a realestate agent. He called, but most houses did not suit his needs.

Part 2 New Old Friends

"There are no good houses anywhere!" Dengan yelled."Maybe, tha answer is nearer than you think." a western accented voice with changing pitches said. "Wait, I know that voice! YOUR..." Dengan said, turned around and saw an overweight cat in a doughnut. "BUTCH "TUBBY" SHIBO!" "DENGAN" Tubby yelled. "And guess who else is here?" A small dog wearing a bagel stepped from the back of tubby. "SPOT!!!"

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