• LazeSAM

    Welcome to the Chronicles of Nyan Cats! This is my version of how the Nyan Cat came to be, and how he defeated the Tac Nayn.

    They say Atlantas was the most powerful country of their time. They were wrong. China was. With a secret formula they created what is now called the Pop-Tart. At that time it was called the Zong-He. This special tasty treat was the step into something larger... something even more epic.

    One day, a scientist's cat accidentally fell into one still vibrant hot pop-tart. The scientist hollered: "Noo! That's the experimental..."


    A Nyan Cat blasted it's way out of the formula and covered China with a magnificent rainbow! The emperor was so amazed that he ordered another one to be made! So the scie…

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  • LazeSAM

    Okay, so everyone knows the Nyan Cat. But can anyone tell me HOW the Nyan Cat first came? Yes, there was the Red Cross thing, etc. But what about the birth of the Nyan Cat? How did a Cat get infused with a pop-tart?

    Of course, no-one knows.

    M60A5 Patton (talk) 02:27, April 7, 2013 (UTC)

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