• Nyancatfan10

    nyan cats that are on the website are here: but, are there missing things?...

    there used to be an easter egg where if you kept clicking lower voulme it would higher up the voulume and the backround would change rainbow colors as seen here: 

    it also worked whith other nyan cats.


    there used to be a smurfs cat but was removed do to copy rights

    the photos downwards.

    I saved this for last on purpose. the missing nyan cat easter egg.

    It was realated to the pokemon missingno. which was short for missing number.

    It used to be on gameboy cats page but, was removed for unkown reasons. I'm guessing that it was too tall and the rainbow was too far up.

    but, luckly I have the app. which contains all the removed features. but, as shown in M…

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