Valentines Day Nyan Cat
Head Pink Furred Cat with Red Cheeks and White Eyes
Body Poptart with white icing, five red sprinkles and red a icing loveheart
Stream Red, pink and white rainbow. Goes paler until white


 Valentnyan aka Valentine Nyan Cat is the Valentine's Day version of Nyan Cat, and spoof officially made by Chris Torres aka prguitarman that is featured on NYAN.CAT! ( and on the official NyanCat Channel on YouTube.  

The cat is pink furred with a poptart covered in white icing with five red sprinkles on it and an icing loveheart.  

The cheeks are also a bright red color instead of the original pink. The eyes remain unchanged.  

The rainbow streak trail is all reds, pinks and whites, starting from dark red at the top and going paler and pinker until it is white on the last color. 

This cute nyan cat is seen flying through a red backdrop with floating white lovehearts that pop and explode. 

The Valentine Nyan Cat's song is "Nyan Cat - Music Box Version" made by YouTuber "chococheese0ninja". 

The song has no intro and does not loop, so if nyaned on for long enough, it will fade out until it starts up again. 

The page's title says "Happy Valentine's Day!" and options highlight in pink. 

On the official YouTube video, the song has been edited and is shorter than the version and the gif is slower. 

The Valentine Nyan Cat also has three pieces of merchandise, the Valentine Nyan Cat Necklace, Valentnyan Plush Toy, and the Valentine Nyan Cat Phone Charm

Trivia Edit

This Nyan Cat is a spoof officially created by the original Nyan Cat's Creator, Chris Torres

Along with the original Nyan Cat, Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat, New Years Day Nyan Cat and Fiesta Dog, this nyan cat has merchandise.