Wan Wan Dog
Head Brown Dog Head
Body Green Burger
Stream Lettuce and Tomatoes

There are different versions of Nyan Dog. For a list of all of them, please see the Nyan Dog Hub Page.

Wan Wan Dog aka Lab Burger is a brown dog with a green burger body, long ears and a tail that wags as it flies.

The trail it leaves behind is not a rainbow; instead, it is loads of lettuce and tomatoes spilling out from the burger body of this nyan.

It also flies in a blue cloudy sky instead of space, and there are no stars.

The first version by the original creator "bowserhsu" uploaded on the 23, 2011 has a song that is different song with a dog barking from Danosongs.

Later versions titled under "Nyan Dog" have an instrumental version of the nyan cat theme remixed to have dog sounds made up of "Wans".

The alternate Wan Wan Dog's song

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