Zombie Nyan Cat
Head Decaying Cat Head, green cheeks, red eyes, exposed brain
Body Moldy Poptart bleeding jam, green feet and tail,
Stream Original Rainbow
Nyan Cat original

Nyan Cat original

Zombie nyan cat

Zombie Nyan Cat Animation

Zombie Nyan Cat is one of the spoofs of Nyan Cat.

Appearance Edit

It flies through Space to the original Nyan Cat theme and has the original rainbow.

But, this nyan cat has a very disturbing appearance; it has green fur and red eyes, and has no bottom jaw, and strawberry jam is leaking out of his poptart body which is now covered with mold (It could also be cherry or something else, since we have know idea what flavor the Poptart originally was.), and his brain is visible through his rotting skull.

History Edit

Zombie Cat, along with Mummy Nyan Cat and Pumpkin Nyan Cat, was made to celebrate Halloween 2013, and all three were posted on at the same time, taking it in turns to appear on the main page each day as the month went on.

Trivia Edit

  • As awful as it sounds, this is a dead nyan cat.
  • For some reason, when a random url in is made, this cat loads up, for e.g:
  • The Zombie Cat will appear on Nyan.Cat's main page every October, taking turns with the Pumpkin Nyan Cat and the Mummy Nyan Cat.
  • The jam leaking out of the Zombie Cat's Poptart shows that this may have once been a living Nyan Cat or a strawberry poptart Nyan Cat.